The idea behind the interactive film "nrly blck" is ​​making space experienceable through sound. A reduced and abstract visual design supports this concept. Our source of inspiration for the idea is the bat, which orients itself in the dark through sound waves, without being able to see the real space.
The user first gets the three videos played one after the other. After that, you have the opportunity to either play or pause the individual sequences by clicking on the respective quadrant itself. This creates especially sound overlaps, which makes the space diverse tangible. The user can also decide if and when he leaves the user interface. This is possible by clicking on the "leave" button at the bottom right of the screen.
The sounds are recorded from the environment itself in order to have a base of real noises. Later, they got combined, cut and alienated with effects. This alienation is intended to support the abstractness of visuality and to confirm the viewer's own imagination.

Headphones/Sound on!

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