When do we no longer need something, and how do we make that decision? In the fifth edition of Brasilia Magazine, designers set out on quest for a definition of what is superfluous somewhere, what is too much for someone and what eventually becomes unusable.
With her collection, Claudia Bumb directs our attention to microplastics in the ocean: colourful islands of plastic as large as Germany. Malte Uchtmann photographed painted-over graffiti on the walls of buildings, and André Nakonz tells us how burnt material offers new ways to protect façades. Barbara Hindahl knows whether something is art or can be discarded. Stefan Finger shows people in the Philippines who live and die in garbage, and Christian Werner photographed the children of the war in Iraq. Luisa Schlütsmeier and Vivian Dehnig visited elderly people in seniors’ homes and asked them what is left as time grows short. These viewpoints are multifaceted and show that what we do not seem to need is, at times, a perspective that cannot often be integrated with fixed concepts, but requires more and more people with the courage to stand up and create new solutions.

BRASILIA is a monothematic magazine made by design students at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hanover. The fifth issue deals with the subject of »Waste« and has a double cover – a regular one and a special edition for the LUMIX Festival for Young Photo Journalism which took place in Hanover in 2018.

»Student Magazine of the Year« at Stack Awards 2018 and DDC Award winner 2019.

German / English
285 x 220 mm
150 pages
ISBN 978 393 201 194 8

Available here:
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