Alex Prager (b. 1979) is a Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker. Prager's elaborately staged scenes tap into a shared cultural memory drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences and references including Hollywood cinema, experimental films, popular culture and street photography. Her familiar yet strange images suggest a sense of timelessness while also creating a world that synthesizes fiction and reality.
The book shows collected works of the photographer. Her works are divided into two main chapters: Photography and Film. These are in turn subdivided into individual subchapters, with the most recent project being found at the beginning of the book and the oldest last. The targeted use of color, which Alex Prager uses in her work, can also be found in the book. Each beginning of the chapter carries a bold color, which stands out clearly in the respective project.

Hardcover with thread stitching
200 pages 
215,9x279,4 mm

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